Design in Motion: The Recycling Truck Project

Over the course of 3 years from 2008 to 2010, as lead artist and instructor as well as students in the Big Picture program, we created vinyl wrap designs for a fleet of 20 Philadelphia Recycling Trucks. Together we created Design in Motion: The Recycling Truck Project, a city-wide public art project produced in collaboration with The Design Center at Philadelphia University and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and commissioned by the City of Philadelphia Streets Department Recycling Office to coincide with the introduction of Philadelphia's city-wide single-stream recycling program. The twenty recycling trucks feature artwork created by Big Picture students in response to their study of historical and contemporary textiles. 

Come out and play , 2010 Designed by Desiree Bender and Photographed by Steve Wenik

Come out and play, 2010 Designed by Desiree Bender and Photographed by Steve Wenik

Patterned Flight, 2010. 

Art Link

Art Link was designed for the Community Arts Center in Wallingford to bring together teens who are interested in refining their art skills in a fun, explorative, and supportive environment. Students had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of 2-dimensional media of their choice; drawing and printmaking techniques, watercolor, acrylic and collage. Each week the students participated in a demonstration of a new medium. The remaining class time allowed the students to pursue their own personal artistic interests. 

Mural in Harlem River Park

The summer of 2010, I worked as a teaching artist with Creative Artist Workshop for Kids in New York City. For 6 weeks I lead a team of local teens to complete a mural entitled The Flowers of the Past are the Gardens of the Futures in Harlem River Park. This mural consists of 3 archways that act as windows into the past and present time. The focus is on nature and local plants that inspire the foliage in each archway. Each student created a symbol that they felt represented their interests. then they repeated the shape with a stencil to create a pattern over different sections of the mural. Other elements in the mural include a seagull, a student sitting and sketching, and a fruit cart; these elements reference current activities happening in the park.